Did you know that we offer Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) as a less expensive alternative to panel replacement and refinishing? 

PDR is a technique in auto recondition used to remove minor dents, dings, creases and other damage.  Our technicians work behind the panel of the vehicle using state-of-the-art tools to massage the metal back to its original form.  This incredible process is completed without the use of any products, and is much quicker and less expensive than traditional repair methods. 

 Before                                       After                                           

Before                                        After


Paintless Dent Repairs starts as low as $125 + tax per panel.  This will cover up to 3 dents on that panel.  Plus, when you purchase a new or used vehicle from Erin Doge you get 1 FREE* dentless repair on us!  All our work is guaranteed.  

Come in anytime for a FREE quote!  

Advantages of Using PDR: 

  • We can repair dents from the size of a dime up to the size of a baseball at a much loser cost than regular panel replacement and refinishing (bigger dents can be often substantially improved.)  
  • The actual process takes less than one hour 
  • Our technicians use state-of-the-art innovative tools to get behind the dent and to avoid the exterior paint being harmed
  • All work is guaranteed, we take out 99% of the dents  
  • PDR can save you as much as 70% over repair/refinishing work 
Disclaimer:  Excludes any hail, collision damage, or if any additional labor is required to access the dent. Based on your average door dent approx. toonie size or less.