This winter you can experience more comfort, safety and less fuel consumption with a DEFA Warmup System specifically designed for your vehicle.

DEFA is a leading Norwegian company for electrical preheating systems in Europe. DEFA has used its experience to develop dedicated OEM solutions for your vehicle.

Erin Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram is the EXCLUSIVE DEFA WARMUP SYSTEM DEALER in the Greater GTA and surrounding regions.   

See our Sales, Parts or Service Advisor for details 877-801-3954.

Benefits of the DEFA  Warmup System include:
  • Comfort: You can start your day in a warm vehicle without having to scrape ice off the windows and the engine starts more easily.
  • Safety: Everybody knows that it's dangerous to drive with snow and ice on the windows and frost mist inside the passenger compartment. DEFA Warmup gives you a clear view of the road from the very start.
  • Economy: A preheated engine reduces fuel consumption and engine wear. If you start driving with a warm engine, fuel consumption will be reduced during the first 4-5 kms.
  • Environment: A cold engine emits up to 33% more harmful fumes than a preheated one. This is because the catalytic converter only works properly when the engine has reached working temperature. In other words, with a preheated engine, you reduce these exhaust fumes by up to 33%. Since most drivers start their car with a cold engine in front of their own house, this is a fact worth considering!


 On-board Battery Charger
Battery always fully charged without risk of excess charging.
 Termini™ Cabin Heater
Comfort of a warm car. Smallest interior heater in the world.
Futura Programmable Unit
Warm car when you need it. No more overnight power usage.
Engine Heater
Reduces emission up to 33% and fuel consumption within the first 4-5 kilometers.