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Reasons to Purchase a Demo Vehicle From Our Erin Dodge Chrysler Dealership


When searching for local used cars for sale, visit Erin Dodge Chrysler, the preferred Chrysler dealership in Toronto, Ontario. We want you to be aware of all the ways you can save with our high-quality Dodge and Chrysler vehicles. There are always great deals available so that you can purchase a top-notch vehicle at a great price. For instance, you can stop by today to view our selection of demo vehicles offered at great prices. These are cars, trucks, or SUVs used by our staff to handle test-drives and pick-ups within our area.   They were utilized by our staff to demonstrate the capabilities of the models within our inventory. See the demo vehicles we have today, along with vehicles in our extensive new inventory.

When shopping for a Dodge or Chrysler vehicle, you may have difficulty choosing between a new or used vehicle. But you can find just what you need with a demo car, truck, or SUV if that happens. You may have noticed these vehicles at the dealership operating as loaner cars. Simultaneously, these vehicles are used to demonstrate the latest Dodge or Chrysler models' performance abilities. For us to have demo vehicles at our facility, they must be the latest models. We must sell the existing demo vehicles to bring in a newer fleet. Our demo vehicles are usually the current or last year model with low kilometres. They have been maintained exclusively by our technicians here at the Erin Dodge Chrysler facility. Since these vehicles have spent their life in our possession, you can trust that they have been cared for properly. Also, you can look forward to the exceptional features that come with our demo vehicles. Rather than using base models, we select vehicles loaded with our vehicles' most updated components. The only downside is that the colour and trim level were already picked out, reflecting the lower selling price.

What to Look For in Demo Vehicle From Our Erin Dodge Chrysler Dealership Inventory

Discounted Prices on Newer Models

Although we offer great deals on our brand new vehicles, things don't always compare to the markdowns we have on our demo vehicles. Demo vehicles are updated, modern vehicles with a few more kilometres on them.

Easily Accessible Vehicle History

Demo cars don't offer the same history report as used cars since they were never registered to an owner. Fortunately, you can ask the salesperson at our dealership about how the car was used, how often it was lent out, and the repair history.

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