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* In order to qualify for Buy 3 tires get 4th tire free, tires must be purchased from National.  Please see our Parts Department or Service Advisor for full details.   Pricing shown below may not qualify for tire promo.
There are many important factors to look at when it comes to Tires. Most importantly, the proper fit for your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep or Ram. Tire Alignment is critical for the safety of your vehicle and the passengers onboard. Secondarily, the type of tire you are using and the differences between All-Season and Winter Tires and when to make the switch.

Let the experts from Erin Dodge help you! 

Advantages of using Nitrogen to Inflate for your Tires! 

Using Nitrogen in your tires can help maintain proper and safe tire pressure. This helps increase tire life by up to 30%, improve fuel economy and braking & handling, and stabilize tire pressure during temperature fluctuations. Nitrogen also reduces wheel & rim corrosion and reduces the chance of failure by up to 50%! 

Our Service Centre can easily replace the air in your tires with Nitrogen.  To learn about additional benefits, click here.

All Season Tires: 

All season tires can handle a variety of road conditions and weather types including dry roads and wet roads. These tires are designed for temperate conditions as the tire compound is relatively smooth, tight and straight making it easy to grab a dry road and repel water when driving through rain.

All-season tires can be used in Ontario throughout the spring, summer and early fall. 

Why Winter Tires:

Winter Tires should be used once the temperature hits around 7 degrees celsius.  Snow does not need to be on the ground to make your switch to Winter Tires.  When the temperature drops at or below seven degrees celsius,  all-season tires will start to lose their grip on the road. Having Winter Tires on your vehicle will help you have improved control of your vehicle and help decrease breaking distances compared to all-season tires. 

Winter Tires are equipped with a different tread compound than all-season tires. The tread block is much wider to avoid snow and slush from accumulating.  Modern Winter Tires have 50% more traction compared to all-season tires, according to the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada.

It is important to always install four Winter Tires instead of two. Installing only two can cause loss of control and inconsistent traction.

Tire Storage:
Looking to store your off-season tires? We can store your tires for $125 + tax per season with Tire Hotel.  

If you're in the market for new Winter Tires, All Season Tires or Tire Storage, Erin Dodge can help! Contact our Parts team today at 1(877) 801-3954. 

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