5 Fall Truck Maintenance Tips

Truck Maintenance Tips 

5 Fall Truck Maintenance Tips

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There are many signs around you right now that indicate a change in the seasons. At the same time, these demonstrate a need to schedule repairs and services for your vehicle. Your truck has endured a great deal of summer heat, and now is the time to get it in shape for colder temperatures. We want to show the importance of going online to schedule your next truck service with us. Here are five fall truck maintenance tips in Toronto, Ontario, to ensure your vehicle is in top condition.

Tip 1: Check Your Battery Health

With the arrival of autumn, the weather can become quite unpredictable. Bouncing back and forth with cooler temperatures and unexpected heat along with heaving rains and flooding can take a toll on your battery. A simple test at our dealership can alert you to its life expectancy. From there, a skilled technician can replace it if necessary.

Tip 2: Change Your Wipers

The windshield wipers on your truck are a critical part of keeping you safe. After months of exposure to summer heat, the rubber can crack and work insufficiently. Fortunately, their upkeep is simple and low in cost. To ensure they are operating correctly, come by our dealership to see our vehicle care team.

Tip 3: Get an Oil Change

To keep your engine running smoothly, oil changes are a vital part of your vehicle's maintenance. By getting your oil levels checked and changed in the fall, you can ensure you have sludge removed and the proper amount to keep the engine lubricated.

Tip 4: Create an Emergency Kit

Although you take great care of your truck, mishaps still occur along the road. By preparing ahead with an emergency kit, you can stay much safer. A kit can include helpful items like a car charger for your cell phone, bottled water, flashlights, jumper cables, ice scraper, cat litter, antiseptic, bandages, hand sanitizer, and pain relief.

Tip 5: Clean Your Truck Bed

During the fall season, your truck bed can become littered with dirt, leaves, and twigs. With regular cleanings, you can keep your truck looking great and protect its quality. This time is also great to consider a bed liner if you don't already have one to protect your vehicle from being damaged by snow and ice.

These tips are a few of the many fall services we complete at our service center. We also make it easy to get parts and accessories for your vehicle. Get in touch with us if you have more questions or want to order your parts and accessories with us. We look forward to seeing you.