Show Your Car You Care - Starting from only $35!

Let Erin Dodge help you keep your vehicle looking its best with our exceptionally priced detailing packages! With three different packages to choose from, we will keep your car looking like new for less.

Did you know  that a detailed vehicle is often worth hundreds more at time of trade-in? Keep your vehicle looking like new throughout your entire ownership experience and you'll reap the benefits!

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Choose Your Package - Bronze, Silver or Gold

Detailing Packages:

Bronze  from $35Silver  from $79Gold  from $169
 Exterior Hand-Wash                    Exterior Hand-Wash Exterior Hand-Wash
 Chamois Dry Chamois Dry Chamois Dry
 Tire Dressing   Tire Dressing Tire Dressing
 Interior Vacuum    Interior Vacuum Interior Vacuum
 Dashboard Dusting    Dashboard Dusting Dashboard Dusting
 Clean Wheels        Clean Wheels Clean Wheels
 Vacuum Trunk       Vacuum Trunk Vacuum Trunk
  Clean Door Jams Clean Door Jams
  Clean Fender Walls Clean Fender Walls
  Clean Windows Inside & Out Clean Windows Inside & Out 
  Shampoo Floor Mats Shampoo Floor Mats
  Clean Dashboard Clean Dashboard
   Shampoo Engine Compartment
   Complete Interior Clean
   Clean Door Panels
   Clean Cup Holders
   Shampoo Carpets
   Deodorize Interior

Additional services that can be added to packages includes: buffing out scratches,  engine shampoo, interior shampoo and fabric & vinyl protection. 

Please note: if your vehicle has aftermarket floor mats these will not be reinstalled after a detail clean-up. They will be left in the trunk of the vehicle to avoid the safety issue of 'Pedal Entrapment'. If you are interested in Mopar or Factory Original Floor Mats, please speak to an advisor.