Did you know that Regular Service & Maintenance will not only result in better performance, greater fuel economy & personal enjoyment, but when it comes time to trade in your vehicle it will have a Higher Resale Value?  Well, it's true!   

Here are some helpful hints to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape:

Oil Changes:

It is important to have the oil changed in your vehicle on a regular basis to avoid engine damage which can ultimately result in expensive repairs.  Oil changes should be done as suggested by your vehicle Maintenance guide.  If you are due for an oil change and have not had it completed, the Oil Change Indicator will appear to let you know an oil change is needed. 

Brake Safety:  Trouble Ahead?

If you are driving and you hear a squealing noise or grinding sound, feel your vehicle pulling to one side, or if your warning light is on, than you need to have your brakes checked.  These are all warning signs and you should schedule an appointment to ensure your vehicle is in safe driving condition. 


Tire Pressure & Safety

Tire pressure safety is critical to your vehicle's performance.  If your tire pressure is:  

HIGH - your tires will have less contact with the road, which means less grip and traction. 

UNEVEN - your vehicle will pull to the left or the right, and will be felt through the steering wheel.  

LOW -  your tires will have too much contact with the road, which can cause your tires to overheat and ultimately decrease your fuel economy. 

As you are aware of how important it is to use NITROGEN in your tires?  It helps maintain proper and safe tire pressure.  It also helps increase the tire life up to 30% more, improve fuel economy and braking & handling, as well as stabilizing the tire pressure during temperature fluctuations.  Learn more about Tire and Tire Safety by visiting our Tire Centre.

Recommended Services

View or download our Recommended Services Schedule to check which services your vehicle is due for.


If you would like to make an appointment with our Service Department, please call our Service Direct Line at 877-798-4981 or check-in for your appointment online here. 

Methods of Payment 

We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Interac.  Personal cheques will NOT be accepted without pre-approval by the Service Manager.

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