Service Clinic Feedback

Comments from feedback cards completed at each event.

June 7, 2016

The presentation was very useful and the lady was very nice.
Good Presentation.
Very Informative! Amanda is knowledgeable and helpful. Thank-you!
Well presented with very useful information.
Well done. Very useful information was given. Learn a lot which not aware of.
Very informative presentation.
This is my fifth car purchased and this is the best presentation I have attended. Thank-you.
Presentation was awesome. Amanda did a fantastic job!
Very knowledgeable.
Kept us engaged.

January 20, 2015

Very Good - Learned a lot! Awesome Clinic.

Excellent - Learned how to check Engine Oil. The host is very knowledgeable and friendly!

Excellent - Learned some info [I] wasn't aware of.

Excellent - I honestly enjoy the presentation. I did learn more than I already knew.


Excellent - Trip to Body Shop. DEFA Demonstration. Overall description of functions & warranties of vehicle.

Very Good - Good energy. Felt like a bit of a shakedown however.

Excellent - The presentation was excellent. Very easy to listen to and clear.

Excellent - Information of maintenance is very useful

Excellent - Great: About service recommendations - you made it clear for me. Great: What to do when you are in an accident. Nice: How you explained the difference of wear and tear in Canada - especially winter.


October 21, 2014

Very Good - Good info about key fob, warranty info and towing info.

Excellent - The presentation was great.

Excellent - Everything was fantastic.

Excellent - Well done.

Excellent - Very informative, really enjoyed myself. Thank-you very much.

Excellent - I learnt a lot from this presentation.

Excellent - Great idea to have these info sessions.

Excellent - Spoke clearly and went into great detail.

Excellent - Well done. Good Information

Excellent - Maybe could explain more details for new people of car like me.

Excellent - Very professional and friendly presentation. Interesting aspect on the braking system. How about a blank side on the info sheet instead of a repeat of the info?

Very Good - The lady in charge was nice and awesome to see JB. Very informative.

Excellent - Amanda presentation was excellent. We just purchased today and was impressed with the dealership.

Excellent - Very fluid and dynamic with a lot of excellent tips and facts.

Excellent - Enjoyed it very much, very informative.

Excellent - Very informative. Amanda has a great, friendly delivery. Made everyone related.

Excellent - Thank-you for starting on time. Very informative.

Excellent - Amanda presented in an enthusiastic, knowledgable manner. So far I am very impressed with this dealership.

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